My Faith Story

Devotion for the week of June 21-June 28
by Isaac Hamilton

I am a victim of AMD. AMD stands for age-related macular degeneration. This disorder causes a person to lose his or her central vision. Sometimes AMD starts in one eye and unless it is treated it may move into the other eye. In my particular situation, I can see everything around me. However, letters and numbers are distorted. This severely limits my ability to read.

I have prayed to God to strengthen my faith. I have also prayed for a miracle to heal my eyes completely.

One day while listening to television, the announcer gave a number for the Library of Congress. After calling that number, I received information about audio books and other devices such as a tape player and earphone that could be sent free of charge to people who were legally or completely blind. I can order and return these audio books as often as needed without expense to me.

In addition, I have a small circle of friends, that have proved to be invaluable to me. God truly surrounds you with the right people when you need them most. My wife of sixty-five years and my off-springs are my pride and joy that cannot be replaced.

Recently, after careful thought, I suddenly realized that God had already answered my prayers in His own way.  He has helped me to make much needed adjustment to my situation. My faith in God and His works have been strengthened. My prayers have been answered. I am truly blessed.

I love you Lord. I glorify You and I praise Your Holy Name. I believe in Your Miracles, Your Power, Your Mercy and Your Love.

For this I will praise you. O Lord, among the nations, and sing praises to your name.

2 Samuel 22:50

Isaac Hamilton

Lay Servant